Black (ages 9-12 and at least Regional Level/B/BB times): Swimmers learning how to train and race. Swimmers further developing (and advancing) all competitive strokes, competing regularly, striving toward Arizona State Championship Qualifying times. Coaches at this level focus on advanced stroke techniques, overall commitment to fitness and developing the endurance needed to build competitive skills. Swimmers are placed in this group based upon an evaluation by the coaching staff. Practices are offered 3-5 times per week and attendance is recommended 3-5 times per week. Swimmers should plan on attending at least three practices per week and attending competitions whenever reasonably possible. Goals for this group include developing at least six great events for the end of the season and the confidence to swim every event offered in their age group. Swimmers can progress from this level to Blue orHigh School  Program with Coach recommendation and appropriate test set completion (age dependent).

Approximately 2500-3500 yards/practice/the season plan; practices approximately 90-120 minutes

Equipment: Fins, Goggles, Front Mount Adult Snorkel, Mesh Bag, Buoy

**Locations: Black Group:

North/West Valley: Anthem CCGlendale
Phoenix/Scottsdale: AvianoCamelback VillageDC Ranch VillageMoon Valley, Thunderbird Academy
East Valley: City of Chandler
Beyond the Valley: Kingman, Morenci, Florence


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