Blue (11-13 and minimum Arizona Q Time level/BB/A times): Swimmers learning how to excel in the sport of swimming. Swimmers further developing (and advancing) competitive strokes, competing regularly, goal setting, developing a strong work ethic and a winner’s mindset. In the pool, the focus is on advanced techniques and developing endurance needed to build the competitive skills to succeed at the highest levels of swimming. Practices are offered 4-6 times per week and attendance is recommended 4-5 times per week, depending the stage of the season. Goals for this group include becoming a multi-event AA/AAA swimmer and working toward Sectional time standards. Swimmers can progress from this level to HS, Senior III, or Senior II with Coach recommendation and appropriate test set completion.

Approximately 3500-5000 yards/practice/the season plan; practices approximately 90-120 minutes

Entry Test Set: 10×100 1:30; 8×200 3:00; 6×200 IM 3:30

Equipment: Fins, Goggles, Front Mount Adult Snorkel, Mesh Bag, Pull Buoy, Paddles as requested by coaching staff

**Locations: Blue Group:

North/West Valley: Glendale
Phoenix/Scottsdale: DC Ranch VillageMoon Valley, Thunderbird Academy
East Valley: City of Chandler
Beyond the Valley: Kingman, Morenci, Florence


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