The Swim Neptune Booster Club is a parent-run/coach-supported organization designed to bring the parents, swimmers and coaches of this valley-wide team together to support our athletes. Swim Neptune recognizes the invaluable support of our swim team parents and how this, in part, adds to the success of our swimmers. The Booster Club is a support organization for swimmers and coaches. We do not run the team but are facilitators. By providing a positive environment, this will help support the advancement of swimming as a lifetime sport within our community.

Our role as a Booster Club is to encourage volunteerism, to fundraise, to welcome and educate new and existing families, to promote our team through all media types, to provide social and team-building events to promote unity within the team, and to give back to the communities around us. Ultimately, we as a Booster Club, enjoy being able to “give back” to our athletes and coaches by being able to provide financial and organizational support. We will estimate annually what our yearly operating expense is to determine where all monies raised will be distributed. We will be funding the following: All State T-shirts which includes 8 and Under Champs, Regionals, Age Group State, Senior State, Sectionals and Senior Zones. Hosted meet expenses which include but not limited to – concessions, hospitality, program printing, any applicable vendor fees. Clinics, site-based events and team events including: notMYkid, Fitter Faster, skill development clinics, anti-bullying clinics, Annual KickOff, Yearly Celebration, birthday cards, thank you cards, to name a few. We will support team dinners for travel meets. Investment in promotional products. Coverage of coach travel expenses to travel meets such as Kingman, Havasu, Oro Valley, Senior Zones, Sectionals, to alleviate the added fees typically assessed to each family.

While your support with time and money is appreciated, helping intimately with the Booster Club is welcomed, wholeheartedly. Getting involved is easy. Below you will find contact information for your pool liaison by specific location. You may reach out to them at any time with any questions, unless they find you first. And if you don’t have any further questions for your liaisons and are ready to jump in and get involved!

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