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Devin Esser, 11

Devin started in the summer swim team at Camelback Village in 2008, progressed to the “once a week option” for the year-round team, gradually stepping up his commitment to the competitive team. He first qualified for the state championship at age 8, was qualifying for finals at age 9, and winning events at age 10! Devin successfully competed at the Far Western Championship in California this past summer and spring and celebrated his accomplishments with Coach Joe. Traveling, making friends, and competing around Arizona and California have been highlights of Devin’s year so far. When Devin was 9 years old he joined the F.A.S.T. Foundation and Swim Neptune in a 1.4 mile swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco and, the following day, swam across the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge. He’s completed these swims again, this year, and looks forward to doing it many more times in the future, as his passion for swimming extends outside the pool and into open water!

Arizona Swimming Level 3 USA Swimming