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At its core, Swim Neptune is about one thing and one thing only: teaching kids how to succeed in life – through sports. Swim Neptune is not ultimately about winning meets. Or winning championships. Or being the biggest swim team in Arizona. Or about getting your kid a college scholarship. If and when those things come to pass, they measure how well we’re doing against our true goal. Swim Neptune is about the kids, and about how successful we can help them be.

Our staff gets questions all the time regarding swimming matters, but the one that matters most is, “are we – parents and coaches together – preparing these young people for success using the sport of swimming as our vehicle? Are we consistently making decisions, modeling behaviors and maintaining the correct perspective in that context?”

These are crucial questions, because we have an awesome responsibility to embrace each child’s core genius and help them develop their natural talents. Just to be clear, we’re not talking just about raw swimming talent. Some kids come with that built in, but many more come with some other talent that’s just as important in developing a great person who happens to also be a great athlete.

This isn’t some vague concept for me. It’s a summation of what I’ve learned in my life so far: growing up as a competitive swimmer, attending college as a scholarship athlete while earning my degree, as a professional triathlete, and as the founder of the kind of swim team that I deeply felt we needed. Every step of the way led to the way we approach what Swim Neptune does now. In fact, after four years devoted to the role coaching and trying to explain my philosophies, I was encouraged to write and produce a book that helped educate people about how competitive sports and life can be integrated to create exceptional human beings.

This core value of helping your child succeed is what informs every day on the deck… each swimmer-coach discussion… every email… each season’s video stroke analysis… every meet – you name it, down to how we design a t-shirt. We don’t always get it perfectly right, but we rightly expect a lot of ourselves to make the most of the privilege that parents entrust to us.

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